domingo, 2 de abril de 2017

lambretta moped IV

Hi friends

Today, I work with dissambly of bike, today is an electric part, it’s a fucking hard work, but is neccesary to complete a good restoration.

The last image show that how is an old electric wiring, and is important to write how is a good electrical conecction, and after I will have not a problems.

Another part to disarmy is the direction, the forks, front  wheel.......

Usually, the internal parts of an universal fork is an image below, universal because today is use in racing races, but it’s not an only fork style, please remenber to me, that I speak about another fork styles.

Please to see ,this fork shave a lot of parts, but the most important are two tubes and spring. 

The spring move the front wheel when the physical weight changes. It’simportant to know that the bike and driver have a weight and this body have a gravity center. With the movement of body (bike and driver) the gravity center changes, and to make up is necessary the move of spring.

But we have another problem, the spring is a brusque, to reduce this brusque is necessary to use a mix oil-air with the spring.  With the modern bikes, is possible changes pressure of oil-air or modifiy physical and chemical oil properties.

Note: Ferrari use in their cars, electrical oil, apply an electric voltage to oil to controlate pressure changes.

Our Lambretta fork is not a ferrari, but have a oil-air mix, and if this mix have a lot of years, the oil have an especial smell, it’s horrible this smell ¡!!!

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