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KTM LC4 frame perfomance

Hi friends......

KTM LC4 is a old model of an austrian manufacturer. This engine has over 20 years, my model is a 2006 year old. The engine is very strong, it's true!!!!! no mechanical problems, no electric problems, it haven't an electrical components!!!!!!!!! jejeje.

But It have a one problem, as a one thumper, have a balancer shaft, it's necessary, that the vibrations with one cylinder is unbereable for road. Already this bike isn't for travel, but in seven years, my bike haven't a problem, only bateries and engine maintenance.

In seven years i travel to France, Italy and in this years to netherland, and I'm happy with it. I intend, to reduce engine vibration.

Problem: To 120-130 km/h and 5500 rpm the vibration is important, the vibration causes:

- Body tired (my ass !!!!!!!!!!).
- I don't drive with more speed, that increases vibration.
- Bolts screws, rivets, ...... broken and it's importan for safety
- In last travel (Assen) had a problem with electrical components (GPS) that with vibration had a bad function.


- Reading in LC4 forum, this model have a big rear wheel drive, excesive for road good for off road. From manufacturer have a 15-45. My bike have a 16-42

- In LC4 USA forum I read the problem is in crankshaft, one thumper haven't a trade off.  When piston is on top dead centre, on lower point haven't a trade off. For example in ducati engine when one piston is on top dead centre another cilynder have on lower point. In one thumper, one balancer shaft offset another cilynder. I think a KTM LC4 have a mathematical mistake for balancer shaft. Is too small.

- With Tony Foale book, and his geometry frame discussion, explain if  valve cover is conected to frame reduce a vibration engine.

- KTM LC4 frame is oil tank of engine, for this the frame isn't tense, and vibration is big.

- LC4 engine have ony 5 relation gearbox.


- Change a chain relation. Easy

- Frame-engine connection. See a Tony Foale book. Is difficult but I don't remove a engine

- Crankshaft change. Uffff. Is difficult and expensive work

- Flywheel magneto change. Easy, expensive and HP engine loss. I don't like.

Thnaks for visit my blog.

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