domingo, 26 de octubre de 2014

Motorland European Endurance Classic Series

Hi friends,

Yesterday I was in motorland circuit for see european series classics and proclassics. This are a two european championship for classic. It's beatiful walk across team box and have free entrance.

behind box circuits had a classic spare market and spanish classic car exhibition. Good tempetaure for racing classic, good spanish sun and good beer!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing saturday!!!!

Please see photos

Very good !!! Suzuki martin frame and norton not copy Norton!!!

Proclassic is french championship, and one race is in spain. Bike's? All 90' types.... ZXR, GSXR, FZR, CBR, Ducati 851, 916. 

The box's some european teams have a important assembly, technical anf human

 The last image no comment....

Start lemans type for 4H endurance european classic series........amazing

Spanish team for endurance championship guzzi motobox, serious team.

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