lunes, 5 de mayo de 2014

Torrot mini 1974 finish project restoration

Hi friends,

Now I finish this project..........

 I receive new foot pedals and classic bar end mirror. It's has a cafe racer look........jejeje And it's very fast cycle 0-20 km/h in a 2-3 minutes....... guau.....

See a video

Now I born a laferreria racing style..............

Thanks for visit my blog.

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  1. I have the same Torrot Mini ciclomotor in Canada. Also a Maxi and a Turismo.

    1. Hi RebelMoby

      Thanks for your comment.

      I have a question for you:

      - was buyed your torrot's model in Canada?

      - Have a torrot engine or sachs engine?

      See my last blog input, the first image is a spanish marketing poster of one of your model.

      In spain and france, the moped cycle were important, In these years in spain the economy was not good, and these models were very cheap. The people was not buy a BMW , triumph, ducati,
      The spanish moped factory's had cheap and sure models, Torrot, Lube, ducson, puch spain, derbi,

      Very thanks for visit my blog.

    2. I ought all 3 Torrot mopeds in Canada from private individuals. All 3 Torrot have the Torrot motor.
      I have a video I made on the Turismo in October.
      I also own other mopeds of different marques which I enjoy when the weather is warm enough to ride.

    3. Hi rebelmoby,

      Thanks for your comments and your blog reference